Write an ?executive memo? (in

Write an ?executive memo? (in the form of a two-page word document) describing the context of your analysis with graphs/figures, your interpretation and evaluation of the results, and your corresponding conclusions and recommendations based on your evaluation.Your Role:You are the manager of the business analytics or business intelligence group at Golfsmith marketing and operations. You realize that there are problems with the current marketing approach in the company and you will need to come up with insights and alternative marketing solutions.Management wants a detailed plan for the changes in marketing to improve revenue and reduce advertising costs, and wants hard numbers and facts to back up any proposal you submit. Remembering your time in ITM 309, you recall that Cognos Insight allowed you to use business analytics to provide high quality results. You decide to use Cognos to investigate the current operations and to assess the quality impacts of several changes you have in mind. Based upon your findings, you will make a recommendation to management about your specific marketing and operations improvements.

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