Word count: 4500 words

Word count: 4500 wordsYour essay will provide an in depth understanding to a research question that you develop with your own argument and interpretive framework. To develop your research question into an extended essay, you will need to set out and explore three separate and distinct aspects of your topic with examples or case studies to interpret and/or apply your ideas. Your essay must be 4500 words in a traditional, academic writing style with a developed set of references and links to relevant sourcesTopic:Remix: Cultural Practices of Social Media;Most of the lectures will be set up like a template for you to consider how you might structure the main body of your essay. You may select a lecture and expand upon this for your research topic.Write MUST like this Structure of your essay:Introduction (300-350 words).Here?s where you set up your main argument and explain why it is important in the context of the research question you have selected. The introductory paragraphs must contain an assertion, your point about something, NOT a description of facts.Main Body:Section 1 (1200 words): Literature Review of your topic? Here you situate you main research question in relation to other scholars who have written about similar topics in your field of researchKey questions to ask yourself?o How does your argument compliment the work of other scholars?o How does your argument build on the work of other scholars?o How does your argument contradict the work of other scholars?o How does your research question represent a gap in the literature?o N.B. A successful literature review will leave your marker thinking ? This student understands how their research fits in relation to other scholars in their field of research.o N.B. Your literature review does NOT try and answer your research question ? instead it sets it up so that you can properly explore it in the main body of your essay.Section 2, 3 & 4 Main body (900 words per section)In section 2, 3 & 4 you will examine different aspects of your research. You will need to put forward: three distinct areas that relate to your argument.Remember, the main body of your paper is built around the arguments, information, examples, or works you are interpreting. Each paragraph supports the main research argument and supporting claims made in your introduction. Some papers work best by building your analysis around case studies, examples, and/or explicit references to the material you are using.Sections can be built around extending and analysing examples and using scholarly material to explain how these relate to the your main argument.4. Conclusion (300-350 words)A conclusion is an essential part of the logical and rhetorical structure of your writing. Here you answer the all-important ?so what? question. You can expand on your main point, show how your approach contributes to the on going intellectual dialogue on your topic, and/or show how it leads to further thought, questions, and additional needed research.Works Cited and SourcesThis is an academic paper so all of your sources must be cited properly and include a bibliography located at the end of your assignment (will not count towards the word count) in Harvard Style Citation.You must use at least 9 academic sources (marketing materials, webistes and newspaper article do not count as academic sources!).

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