Unconventional Columbian Custom

Paper instructions:write a one page paper on an eccentric cultural practice any where in the world. I choose Columbia and the donkey sex.Columbia is the third largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world. Columbia is a country, a refuge to approximately 46 million people. Known for its Andeancoffee, spectacular sceneries, drugs and war stereotypes, conflicts and cartels, the violent legacy of Escobar, sultry salsa andmore recently, Columbians are said to be the major players in what is now known as the ?border crisis? plaguing the Obama led administration.At first glance, based on the trials and tribulation and also triumphs, one can agree that Columbians are just like the rest of us, what is unconventional however, is the affinity great deal of the males living there share for donkey sex. Like incest, bestiality in most cultures across the globe is still unmentionable. Nevertheless, donkey sex is widely practiced in some parts of Columbia. Needless to say, this notion is almost incomprehensible considering the fact that Columbia is also known to be home to some of the world?s most beautiful women.In an interviewwith some residents from a city called Cartagena, in Columbia theywere evidently unperturbed by the idea, they declares,?Having sex with donkeys is just apart of a boys way of growing up.?The young local boys are encouraged to experiment with donkeys as it is believe to enlarge their penises and help them develop passionate techniques for their future wives.?!

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