Topic: sports economics research (excel+ summary)

Topic: sports economics research (excel+ summary)Order DescriptionData the 2013 Version ? comma-delimited version (towards the top of the page), and unzip the file on your computer.) The data you will need for this assignment come from the Batting.cvs and Teams.cvs files; they open up in Excel as is.1. Data & Statisticsa. Submit a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the MLB raw data for the 2003 to ?2013 seasons by MLB team. (40 points)?(Note: IBB and GIDP are not in the Teams.cvs file, but can be calculated from the Batting.cvs file by team for those years).b. Run a Blass Runs Scored production function regression using the using the data you collected and calculated. (30 points)2. Written Explanationa. Interpret your regression result findings (sign, coefficient, statistical significance,R2, Adjusted R2) for the Blass Runs Scored MLB model. (30 points)Guide: Estimating MLB Team Runs Produced?Guide: Estimating MLB Player Runs Produced (not part of the assignment ? but for your information)You should interpret t stats, and make a conclusion about your variable, which is other revenue. Also, make the expectation of this variable, whether it has positive or negative effect on regression.!

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