Theories of motivation and Individual behavior

Theories of motivation and Individual behaviorManagement 225Write a 2-3 page-paper on the ?Hot Potato? (golf ball) exercise we did in class. Your Discuss (check for the help you need)ions will assess your knowledge of the concept andapplication of Individual Behavior (ch. 12), as well as the different theories of Motivation (ch. 13), and the ways these theories are applied in theworkplace.You will refer to the class as the ?company,? the object (golf ball) passed around the room as the ?product,? the task of passing the product aroundthe room as the ?manufacturing process,? the time to complete the task as the ?productivity rate,? and the company?s ability to manufacture a qualityproduct as ?effectiveness,? and finally, the ability to manufacture the product without wasting time (i.e. dropping product) as ?efficiency.?

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