Strategic Services Marketing

Strategic Services MarketingOrder DescriptionCritically analyse the customer service at Nordstrom.Discuss in detail the various initiatives which Nordstrom has adopted to improve its customer centricity.Logic and ReasoningIdentification & Discussion Pertinent IssuesAnalysis of Issues; Technical / Conceptual UnderpinningUses relevant theoretical techniques and frameworks to support the critical analysis of the case material.( detailed use of 2 frameworks/ concepts)The two Frame works I would like to use isSERVQUAL ? five dimensions of Service Quality1. Reliability ? Ability to perform the promised service dependable and accurately2. Assurance ? Knowledge and Courtesy of employees and their ability to inspire trust and confidence3. Tangibles ? Physical facilities, equipment and appearance of employees4. Empathy -caring, individualised attention the firm provides its customers%. Responsiveness ? willingness to help customers and provide prompt serviceand the three P (People, process and Physical evidence!

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