STRATEGIC MARKETINGYOU are required to submited an A3 poster that demonstrates how your analysis of the online company (EBAY) , using appropriate internal and external strategy tools, will help the company achieve a distinct competitive edge. internal and external analysis : 1- what are the company?s main streghts and weaknesses (SWOT)? 2- portfolio analysis of the company?s products/services using BCG. 3- identification of positional opportunity for your company based on the Perceptual Positioning review of competitors (using the weighting criteria of sucess for competitors) 4- MACRO analysis and Porters Industry AnalysisRECOMMENDATIONS BASED ON THE APPLICATION OF TOOLS TO EVALUATE STRATEGIC OPTIONSUSE ONE OR MORE OF FOLLOWING STRATEGIC TOOLS: TOWS matrix, Ansoff matris , GE matrixposter size: the poster should be sumittedd in A3 sizeif necessary can use images.:

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