social movementintroduction:A

social movementintroduction:A social movement is a group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals ( There are many ways people can go about to start a social movement. Protests are usually what social movements consist of, but other movements are silent or even come in a musical form. Some of us take many things for granted but in other countries something as simple as a bus fare and the increase of its fees is crucial. Recent protests in brazils have counted my attention specifically the miss use of public funding to prepare for the world Olympics.Questions I seek to answer:1. How does the world view Brazil?s treatment of its citizens as Brazil closing down schools and hospitals for states of building sports arenas?2. Why is it important for the world to know what?s going on in Brazil?3.How important is identity when in a social movement? Economic status4.How do social movements benefit the people?5. How can the world participant in brazils social movement.Hypothesis (Thesis):In this paper I will explore what is going on in Brazil, specifically the extreme unequal distribution of the wealth and how the government is closing down schools, hospitals and peoples homes. This paper will also examine the use of protest and its benefits, the use of art and how well the protesters succeed into getting their message across to the public. In addition, the origins of this protest will also be covered.Bibliography:Silvia Roberta Nara. 7-11-13. In Brazil Protest, people triumphed in the streets but new uncertainties emerged. Http:// to the streets; Protest in Brazil. The economist.(Jun 22, 2015. Proquest database.Bevins, Vincent. The world; protest continues across Brazil; Tens of thousands rally against rising bus fares and police abuse. [Los Angeles, Ca] 18 June 2013: A.3Businessline. Brazil to allocate $25 billion to improve public transport.25 June 2013. Proquest datebase.Carlsen, Laura. Protesters? Demands Expand from Free Fare to Fair Society.La Prensa San Diego [San Diego, Calif] 28 June 2013: 3.Goodman, Joshua; Colitt, Raymond; Biller, David. Street protest strengthen in brazil. Daily Press [Newport News, Va] 22 June 2013: A.13.Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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