Social Media Multimedia Project

Social Media Multimedia ProjectMultimedia ProjectDo a Multimedia project consist content analysis that was chosen as the study?s methodology for five Kuwaitis newspaper in 3 social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for time period (11/1/2014 to 11/11/2014),Please include:Methodology + Sampling method + Data analysis (coding sheet) + Research limitation + finding.The purpose of this research:Is to analyze the adoption of (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) by major leading print newspaper in Kuwait and to examine the level of engagement with each newspaper social media accounts.For Facebook:Number of people like their page and how many post and is there any comments or like for news and does contain links and do they have verified page?For Twitter:Number of followers, following, Favorites, Mentions, Lists and the time they Joined Twitter, Do they use hashtags and links and do they have verified account?For Instagram:Number of followers, following, post and like and do they use mention and hashtage with their post.1- AlRai Newspaper established 1961Website: AlSeyassah Newspaper established 1965Website: AlQabas Newspaper established 1972Website: AlWatan Newspaper established 1974Website: AlAnba Newspaper established 1976Website:

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