reflection essay

Headings for Reflection Essay:
In your introduction, address the readings you chose and why you selected them.
2)Challenges of the Readings
Under this heading, explain two or more challenges that you had while reading. These challenges can be anything from finding yourself distracted or finding a need to re-read passages. Include how you might face these challenges when you read additional essays later in the class.
3)Highlight of Readings
Under this heading, explain two or more highlights of the readings. What did you learn, like or discover, and what surprised you? Were there any assumptions you held before you read the essays? If so, did these assumptions change after reading them? Please elaborate.
4)Ask the Author
Imagine that you have an opportunity to follow up with one of these authors and ask them to tell you more. What would you ask and why?
Your Personal Account or Journal Plan
Think about what you would write about if you were to write a personal account or journal plan. What would you write about and why? How would it be different or similar to the accounts or journals you read?

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