Reading Summary: Power Play

Power PlayNameCourse numberDateInstructor namePower play 2In any given organization, there are different department with separate objectives that they target tosucceed in, decisions in this department are made by department heads according to the information they haveand the set objectives they plan on perusing. To succeed according to the case study of powerful people likeLaura, the managers have to develop the ability to build and wield power. The reason for studying power is togive students an insight and the proper tools that will enable them to bring about change. This is achievedthrough the study of powerful people, understanding human behavior and practices. Some of the importantMaking peace with power is one of principles in which politics according to behavior experts J.Silvester is taken as a negative trait in the work place and researchers have concluded that it may cause a dissentand reduced performance and it?s not only stressful but also inherently divisive. A perception that politicspredominates in the work place tends to reduce job satisfaction, commitment and morale. With regards to this,research has shown clearly that being political savvy and seeking power pays off. This research shows acorrelation between manager?s primary motivation and their success. Some were motivated by affiliation, thedesire to be liked. Some by their achievements, the goals that they had attained gaining then personalrecognition while the last group was simply interested in power, this being the ability to influence others. ThisLearning to wield power starts with understanding the resources one controls, like a valuable networkand access to information can be utilized to gain leverage. Using power to move through obstacles is advisableand not wasting political capital on issues not helpful to the organization , an encounter with such power playsand the politics behind them can be unsavory, to get over one?s worries, fears or short coming is key forsomeone willing to bring meaningful change. Effective use of power is becoming more and more importantbecause getting goals accomplished in a less hierarchical system actually requires more influence and thusstrategies become more complicated, effective execution becomes more complicated. Power skills areimportant but unfortunately not many people get to develop them.Experts atmidcoursecan help you with this and more. Visit our website today to order for this and more essays.

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