Qualitative Research

Qualitative ResearchResearch and Evaluation in Education and Psychology:Integrating Diversity with Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods, Edition 3, Donna M. Martens. Chapter 8: Qualitative Methods needs to be summarized and provided with examples relevant to educational leadership. in addition provide the type of data and statistical analysis required for qualitative research. I need to select an aspect of the chapter, develop a thesis statement which will reflect that aspect and then do scholastic research on that aspect of the chapter. The thesis needs to be clearly stated and supported by the entire presentation. all major points need to be supported by either a quote or a paraphrased quote. All citations need to be in correct APA format. Five scholastically acceptable articles are included. Reference list should be complete, and every entry is correctly formatted. I will need a hard copy of references. The material needs to be germane to the topic and in an interesting and informative manner.!

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