Provide a summary of the Nursing Care Plan

Anxiety r/t stress as evidenced by difficulty in juggling for school and work load.reference pls. Canadian Fundamentals of nursing Fifth edition (Potter & Perry ( Elsevier ).Indicates the benefits of using the nursing process, including the metaparadigm concepts for assessment and SMART criteria for goals.metaparadigm ( client, & person , environment, health & Nursing )SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Time measured)This summary should be a written observation of the process you used including your commentary of it?s benefits.Points to consider as you write this summary;> Discuss why each of the steps of the nursing process are important to complete? ( Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning Intervention & Evaluation ).>Discuss how the SMART criteria benefited you in developing goals/ expected outcomes ?>You should have an introduction, headings for each of the steps of the nursing process and your discussion of them, a heading for the the use of the metaparadigm andyour discussion as well as a conclusion.!

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