Prentice Women?s Hospital in Chicago

Prentice Women?s Hospital in ChicagoTopic: Review older and more recent literature about Prentice Women?s Hospital in Chicago. After presenting both sides of the preservation/demolition argument, explain and support your own opinion on the matterInstructions:Directions: Choose one of the following questions to answer in an essay of no longer than 1250 words (about 4double-spaced pages) in length, plus notes, bibliography and illustrations as necessary.Essays will be graded on their content, use of sources, the comprehensive and persuasive way they respond tothe given question, their historical accuracy and interpretative quality. Organization, grammar skills, andquality of illustrations (when needed) will also be assessed in the grading of this assignment.Each of these questions is intentionally broad. To produce a strong essay you will need to write a clear thesisthat expresses a specific point of view within the parameters of the subject.Include a header that lists your name, the course title, date, and the number of the question you have answered.Title sheets are not necessary, but you should title your essay at the top of the first page. Provide foot/end-notesand a bibliography formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.!

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