Prebles’ Artforms, Eleventh Edition ? Frank, Patrick

Prebles? Artforms, Eleventh Edition ? Frank, Patrick1. Compare and contrast Miriam Schapiro?s Personal Appearance #3 with Faith Ringgold?s Tar Beach. Discuss (check for the help you need) the artists? craft influences and intentions.2. Compare and contrast the ceramic work of Peter Voulkos and Toshiko Takaezu. In what ways do you think they have they contributed to contemporary attitudes toward art and craft?3. What is the aim of environmental Design? What are the different aspects of environmental design? Discuss (check for the help you need) how environmental design might be used to improve your community?4. For what purpose did Jacob Riis publish his photographs of the squalid living and working conditions of the poor people of the lower east side of New York? What impact do you think this had on the art community, or the larger community of New York?* The name of the book ?Prebles? Artforms, Eleventh Edition ? Frank, Patrick? from Chapter 8 to Chsapter 15.

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