Performance Analysis

I?ve attended the performance ? A Midsumer Night?s Dream? yesterday June 11th In CBU and I need to write analysis. I just want you to answer these questions. you need to watch the play or read the book to answer these questions. you have to write a paragraph in each question the length of the three paragraphs should be between 2-3 pages. thanks a lot. (1)What was the title of the performance? When and where did you see it? In a few sentences describe the plot or the central problem? What type of play was it? What was the play?s message? (2)Was the Performance successful in achieving the goals you discussed in question one? How and Why? Provide an example of how one actor helped make the play successful or unsuccessful through their performance. Provide an example of one production element (lighting, sets, costume, props) that helped support the production. (3)Was the experience worthwhile? Would you recommend it to someone else? Why or Why not?

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