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Paper ReviewOrder DescriptionREPORT STRUCTUREThe report has to have all of the sections listed below, unless it is indicated otherwise:? Cover page? Review? Full bibliographic information for the reviewed paper and explanation on how it was accessed.? ReferencesII. REVIEW [1.5 pages]In terms of review structure, try to answer the followingquestions:? What issue/problem are the authors of the paper addressing? Quote a sentence (or longer passage)from the text that you think is central to the author?s (or authors?) implicit or explicit argument(s). Citethe page on which it appears.? Why is it important? What are the implications? In a few sentences, state the author?s explicit orimplicit argument. Be sure to include both: what the author is arguing for, and what s/he is arguingagainst.? What method(s) did the authors use to build support for their argument, e.g., how were the datacollected, how were they analyzed and to what effect (e.g., what practical evidence was created eitherfor or against the original argument)?? What are the key conclusions and their implications? Suggest what the conclusions drawn by theauthors imply for understanding or improving society, relations between individuals, groups ortechnology.? Raise a question which you think is not fully, or satisfactorily, answered by the text. The question should be a question of interpretation or of inquiry, not simply a question of fact.? Say, in a few lines only, how the paper confirms or contradicts your own experience or common sense.Provide your opinion on the matter, even if not supported by personal experience.III. FULL BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION OF THE REVIEWED PAPER AND INFO ON HOW IT WAS ACCESSED [0.5 pages]Provide the full bibliographic details of the reviewed paper, using the following format (also called Harvardstyle):[1] Author(s), Publication/Book title, Journal/Publisher, Year (and page numbers if it is a technical paper)[2] Website XYZ viewed on a particular date DD-MM-YYExplain the procedure by which you have retrieves the full copy of the paper (e.g., copy from the librarycollection, online database, etc.). Also provide the access timestamp (date).

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