Organizational management

Organizational management1. You are the City Manager of City A. You have learned that 20% of your anticipated revenues will not be realized. You have called a meeting of your Department Directors to address the shortfall and propose an action plan. Your action plan should:a. Articulate the challenges that the City is facing and specify financial, human resource, managerial, and political objectives.b. Propose a detailed strategy to address the shortfall. Include explanations for your choices.c. Address how your team will communicate with staff to lead the organization through the challenges.d. Address how your strategy will address city council members and the public.2. Select a specific problem in a policy area with which you are familiar. You are a policy analyst for a government entity (identify the entity) and you have been asked to review the policy issue comprehensively and create a report for your elected representatives.a. Outline the policy issue as it impacts your governmental entity. Briefly review the social, political, and economic context of the policy.b. Propose two policy instruments (alternatives) that might be used to address the issue. Additionally, include an alternative of doing nothing.c. Provide a realistic assessment of the anticipated outcomes, including potential unintended consequences resulting from applying each policy alternative, including issues of policy development, policy networks, and/or policy implementation for each alternative.d. Address how you would evaluate the results of each policy alternative.3. You are the Director of the Workforce Development Center of County C. Recently, the County Administrator informed you that your center?s Career Transition Training Program is subject to a 40% budget cut in response to State statistics that report the unemployment rate has dropped from 15% to 8% last year. You know that the county continues to be seriously affected by the economic downturn. It is experiencing a slow recovery and you believe the number of unemployed in the county is still very high. To support the program, you decide to collect evidence for analysis and presentation to the Board of Supervisors.Propose a research and analysis plan. Your plan should:a. Articulate the problem and analyze the stakeholders and their interests in the situation,b. Identify alternative explanations to the statistical change in unemployment,c. Propose research to collect appropriate data to resolve the potential discrepancy. Specify your research purpose, your research methodology what data will be collected and why this data is more appropriate,d. Explain how your research results will guide policy action.4. You have worked as a public manager for over twenty years. Despite career ups and downs, you are proud of your service and have been recognized by your family and your community. Recently your nephew, who graduated with a business major, came to you for advice about a career in the public sector. Your nephew particularly wants to know:a. How is management in the public sector different from the private sector?b. What are the unique responsibilities and dilemmas of public service professionals?c. What motivates you to work in the public sector and how do you keep motivated over the long term despite organizational and political challenges?d. What are some typical ethical issues in the public sector? What guides your response to ethical challenges?5. You are the City Manager of City A. This morning your secretary brought to your attention that last night a young black female employee in your organization posted a YouTube video accusing one of your senior staff of racial discrimination against her over the past several years. Overnight, the video received over 10,000 hits and downloads. Those commenting on the video included city employees in your organization, citizens in City A, and people around the world. A union representative, a reporter, and a council member have left messages. Prepare an action plan to respond to this situation. Your action plan should:a. Identify the legal, managerial and political issues involved in the situation and identify relevant laws, policies and management guidelines related to the issue,b. Discuss (check for the help you need) how you will communicate with the employees involved and others in the organization,c. Discuss (check for the help you need) how you will respond to the public, elected officials, and the media,d. Propose actions to take in the immediate term (within the next few hours), in the midterm (over the next month) and the long term (over the next two years).Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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