Name:Instructor:Course:Date:Thirteen;IntroductionThe title ?thirteen? refers to the movie that was acted in the year 2003. The drama waswritten by Hardwicke and Nikki Reed and directed by Catherine Hardwicke. The film wascentered on a twelve to thirteen years old girl called Tracy Louise Freeland as the maincharacter. She was again one of the writers in the same script, Nikki Reeds. Through thischaracter, the writer is able to capture what happens to the boys and girls of the age bracket oftwelve and thirteen years which is taken to be the puberty age, (Fox, 2000).The film explores the life of this young girl from the time when she was a young womanat the ages of twelve and thirteen to ages of promiscuity and drug thief woman. The filmexplores also the social, physical and mental changes that children of these ages goes though intheir life time trough acting in a drama. Such changes are Discuss (check for the help you need)ed as below;Physical changesTracy Louise Freeland is writing poetry. This girl is a student at Portola Middle SchoolsExperts atmidcoursecan help you with this and more. Visit our website today to order for this and more essays.

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