Marketing ReportOrder Descript

Marketing ReportOrder DescriptionIn this assignment, each of you must choose a company from the list of companies provided (see below for a list of companies). You will choose a country (not Australia) that your company operates in and provide relevant background information and analysis on both the company and country, and design a new product for the company to launch in that country.You will need to provide a market description of the relevant market conditions that your company operates in. This might include variables such as the prevailing economic conditions, demand and supply factors, and a description of the industry etc. for that country. You will need to provide a referenced SWOT analysis for the company in that market, identifying the internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats of the company for the chosen market. The goal of a SWOT analysis is to identify the critical factors that may affect your proposed business concept (or new product) and then build on your strengths to reduce your weaknesses, exploit opportunities and avoid potential threats. You are also expected identify and describe using marketing segmenting variables, one target market being served by your company.LIST OF COMPANIESUse the Database MarketLine Advantage to find required market reports (company &industry)Step 1: Pick one Global Company:The Hershey CompanyMars, Inc.Nestle S.A.Lotte GroupFerrero GroupMondelez International, Inc.Step 2: Use the Global Industry Report:(Hint: It may not be on the first page of results)Global ? ConfectioneryStep 3: Pick one Country Industry Report from this list(Country ? Confectionery)ArgentinaHungaryRussiaBelgiumIndiaSingaporeBrazilIndonesiaSouth AfricaCanadaIrelandSouth KoreaChinaItalySpainColombiaJapanSwedenCzech RepublicMexicoSwitzerlandDenmarkNetherlandsTaiwanFranceNorwayUnited KingdomGermanyPolandUnited StatesHong KongPortugalVenezuelaRecommended: Save or print the required 3 reports in Pdf format to make it easier to reference.Detailed Report TemplateActivityDetailPage #1. Executive Summary2. Introduction and background to the companyHalf a page executive summaryIntroduction to the task, definition, purpose and value of this report for an organization.Introduction to your chosen company and country.? including e.g. RELEVANT history, current markets, product lines etc.13. Market descriptionDiscuss (check for the help you need) the confectionery market in your chosen country. ? market size,market leaders, market concentration, distribution & industry growth etc. Discuss (check for the help you need) briefly.24. SWOT table5. Findings Explanation ofthe SWOT tableOn one page, briefly present the SWOT analysis in a table format foryour chosen company and country. Making sure to rank the elementsin each of the SWOT dimensions. Discuss (check for the help you need) briefly.Do not copy SWOT table from reports.36. Recommendationsa. Target marketb. New product descriptionc. Customer value propositiond. Justification of the choice of new product using at least one strategyIdentify and describe using segmenting variables, one target marketbeing served by your company.Describe your new product designed for your identified target market. Include the relevant marketing mix variables.Explain the customer value provided by your new product. Explain how their new product ?fits? with the SWOT analysis bydescribing at least one strategy profile being addressed (e.g. S-O, W-Oetc.)4-67. References list andAppendicesStudents are required to use the LTU Harvard Referencing style7 onwards

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