Management Systems & Financial Information

Management Systems & Financial InformationA critical analysis of information systems within an organisation and its potential impact on management decision makingGuidelines1. Select an organisation with which you are familiar and consider the different types of information systems within that organisation.Students in part-time employment can (with their employer?s permission) can analyse a system within their own organisation.2. Critically analyse the information systems in relation to their potential impact on management decision making. (Depending on the size of the organisation and the information available, you can focus on one or more information systems.)Key content areas for the report will be discussed during the weekly timetabled classes.3. Present your findings in a report format, following the structure and guidelines provided on Blackboard.4. The word count is a maximum of 3,000 words.Only the main body of the report contributes to the word count (i.e. executive summary, contents page, reference list and appendices are not counted).!

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