magic science and religion IS THE NAME OF THE CLASS

Research Essay: The purpose of this paper is to explore a topic of interest to you, gathering clear and credible evidence about its functioning, origins, and usefulness to its society. The topic should be located within the broad framework of the areas covered in this course. A formal research paper will follow certain grammatical conventions not found in less formal writing styles, such as reaction papers, film reviews, etc. Additionally, the sources must be selected and vetted for their quality, and not be primarily web sites or videos. No anonymous blogs or postings should be used. You need 10 sources for a 10 page paper. Suggestions for topics will be provided. Topic selection MUST be approved through the Instructor. Audience: an academic audience and all others interested in the topic Purpose : To explore a topic of interest to you, based on clear and scholarly evidence. Length: 8-10 typed pages, (see general instructions above) Format : MLA, APA, Chicago or Science Style Final Presentation Due: Wednesday, June 11th, 2 Students will prepare an academic presentation based on their research paper. Requirements: ? 5 ? 7 minutes (no more, no less) ? Minimum of 3 sources cited in the spoken speech and the written outline ? Formal outline: typed, correct format, complete bibliography ? 5-7 PowerPoint slides presentation Evaluation Criteria: ? Appropriate topic choice, narrowed for time and interest of audience ? Increased depth in organizational details: introduction, conclusion and main points; good use of transitions and patterns ? Spoken citations: credit given properly, well integrated into speech ? PowerPoint visual aid: clear, prepared, presented well, adheres to in-class guidelines ? Delivery: vocal quality, eye contact, posture, gestures, appearance, fluency, language use, and flow. DO NOT READ THE PRESENTATION TO US! Assessment: ? Oral Communication Rubric (see Blackboard) Speech Topic: Your research paper serves as the basis for this oral assignment. Suggestion for topics will be provided.

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