literary criticism(critical analysis essay) about “Blue Jasmine” based on one of the litrry lenses

literary criticism(critical analysis essay) about ?Blue Jasmine? based on one of the litrry lensesThe essay is based on movie ?Blue Jasmine?. I am supposed to write a literary criticism essay based on only ?ONE? of the following literary lenses:1- Archetypal 2- Feminist 3- Deconstructionist 4- Freudian/Psychoanalytical 5- New Historical 5- Moral/ Philosophical 6- Post-colonial 7- Marxist 8- Formalist.3 body paragraphs . 5 paragraphs all in all.paragraph 1 (Introduction) 😕 hook or ?grab?? orientation of the author, text, content or film the reader? introduces the lens you will be analyzing the film/with-describes/ summarizes the film/text briefly? presents 3 arguments /proofs in a logical thesisBody paragraphs: each body paragraph should:? include support, using evidence from the film/text and connections with the critical lens for analysis.? make sure to explain how the lens reveals the message of the film/text using specific examples/quotations? connect examples/support to the thesisConclusion:? restates the thesis and summarizes arguments? general commentary? ends with a ?gift, insight or final thought: that answers ?so what? ?? connect your ideas to something new and different? make real-life applicationsRUBRIC:? Knowledge: demonstrates thorough and insightful understanding of movie (plot, characters, themes, symbols, etc. ) .-Clear understanding of literary criticism? Thinking: Provides a clear and justified critique of the movie-Excellent & thoroughly effective analysis of the movie through the chosen lens.-Incorporates thorough & convincing supporting evidence and specific examples with a high degree of effectiveness? Communication:-Demonstrates skillful, effective and logical organization & coherence-MLA format-no grammatical errors-Uses formal style with sophisticated effective and confident diction!

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