Leather, Later, Ladder

Leather, Later, LadderPLEASE REFERENCE SCHOLARY SOURCES THE VIDEOS CAN BE FOUND ONLINE. Watch the video The Child?s Brain: Syllable from Sound. Also view the video, Kathya Pronounces English Movie, and analyze why Kathya is having difficulty with the sounds of the English language. Be specific in identifying the vowel and consonant phonemes and the errors that are produced. How would you help Kathya differentiate the sounds in the words she is producing? What tools or methods might you use? Share your insight on the Specialization of Language video clip as well as any experiences you have had personally in hearing the sounds of a foreign language. Can you hear the sound, but are just not able to produce it, or can you not differentiate the sound in the first place? Explain your position and offer suggestions. Properly cite the supplemental videos, and any additional resources you use.:

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