it has to be from this sources

it has to be from this sources. U.S. Census BureauData Analysis/Presentation Assignment ? 100 pointsTitle Page_____/5 Title ? descriptive or informative (see page 361)_____/5 Your Name, Affiliation, and Date_____/5 All text Times New Roman 12 point (for entire report)Chart/Graphic_____/5 Correct type of chart/graphic (line chart, bar/column chart, etc.) appropriate for the type of data selected_____/5 Chart title ? can be same or similar to title page, also titled ?Figure 1? For example: ?Figure 1: 2012 Arkansas Mean Family Income by County?_____/5 Vertical axis scale is correct/appropriate_____/5 Vertical axis label is present and appropriate_____/5 Horizontal axis categories are appropriate_____/5 Horizontal axis label is present and appropriate_____/5 Legend is present and useful_____/5 Data correctly presented in chartWritten description of data_____/15 At least one paragraph describing what is shown in the chart including data points (the numbers.) Does not have to list/describe every data point; however, should give a good overview of the data presented. Example: Figure 1 illustrates?Written analysis of the data_____/15 One or two paragraphs of analysis of the data presented in the chart. Don?t simply state in sentence format what is shown in the graph?describe, explain, and analyze what it means. Attempting to answer questions such as ?Why is this important?? or ?What implications will this have on?? will assist you in your analysis.Research questions_____/15 Identify three research questions related to your data analysis that would extend our knowledge in this area. After seeing and understanding the data presented, what do we now need to know or research related to this area to improve our understanding?_____/100 Total.

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