In unit 9 we explore some of t

In unit 9 we explore some of the major management principles and models that have been influential in practice and theory. These models often promote the idea that there is one best way to manage. They influence and shape much of the world of practical organization structuring and processes today through institutions such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). A key aim of this unit is to question models that promote a one?best?way mentality ? that if the organization is accredited to the standard and maintains the processes and practices that have been accredited it will be a quality organization. Focus is also given to examples of management in a contemporary business environment.The question is :Discuss (check for the help you need) the below:Managing change is a key skill required for many managers. Using your own experiences and concepts for this chapter explore:1. Why is change described as a process?2. What is the role of innovation in the charge process and why is it pivotal?3. Share your own experiences of change in your own organisations/previous organisations. What were the issues/problems? What were the opportunities?.

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