Impact of smart phone usage at workplace

1. You have to select the following resources related to your research topic(Impact of smart phone usage at workplace Impact of smart phoneusage at workplace Does it eat into effective working time)? Six journal articles? 4 text books? 2 web-based articles/resources2. You have to review each of the 12 resources3. The 12 reviews must be relevant to the contemporary business issue, written in a given format with appropriate referencing of sources.4. Each review must contain one paragraph of approximately 100 words with the quote/paraphrase and one paragraph of approximately 100 words with an analysis of how this affectsyour topic, ie. ?This article is relevant because?; ?I don?t agree with the source?; ?Although the article discusses businesses in China, it is still interesting because?? etc.5. The review should end with a conclusion stating your findings from the secondary research (ie., Literature Review)6. The Conclusion should also include the revision of the Research Problem, the statement of the refined Research Objectives, the primary research required and your Hypothesis!

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