Human Resources Management-Starbucks Human Resource Practices

Starbucks Human Resource Practices Supporting Differentiation or Prospector Strategy[All the items in this section must link back to one of the three factors that makes Starbucks high performing, i.e. Health, Growth, Leadership]Focus on Quality and TBDStrong capability in R&D & engineeringReputation for quality or technological leadershipStrong marketing abilitiesNeed to attract highly skilled labor, scientists or creative peopleHRM Practices Linked to the Prospector StrategyWorkflows (HR Planning)Job classes, work planningExamples (1-2)StaffingRecruitment, selection decisions, hiring and socialization of employees, applicant fit with organizational cultureExamples (1-2)TrainingExternal training, Broad skills, Cross-functional trainingExamples (1-2)(Questions that professor provided in tonight?s class)Based on the company?s business strategy and objectives, what are the core KSA?s that the company values and what training programs provide employers with these KSAs?How is the company keeping employees? KSAs current or relevant for the futureHow does the company evaluate that they have spent their training dollars well?What kinds of career development opportunities are there in the form?Performance ManagementAppraisals, Evaluations, Developmental ToolsExamples (1-2)CompensationPay decisions, base payExamples (1-2)Legal Issues (Employee Relations)

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