History of TVA & Environmental Standards

Informative paper: History of TVA and the Environment Standards. 1.The paper should have a clear purpose, with a thesis statement that clearly states your main idea. 2.The paper should contain enough evidence and details to support your thesis. 3 Content should be well organized,with an introduction, body and conclusion. Format 1 The paper should have your name and the date in the header (right justified). 2.The title should be centered and in bold. 3.Use 12 pt Times or Times New Roman font. and 1.5 line spacing. 4.The length of the paper must be a minimum of three pages of text. Sources 1.You must use at least two quality sources for your paper. Quality sources include books, journal articles and official reports. Online versions of these are acceptable if they are properly cited. These do NOT count towards the source requirement for your paper, although they may be referenced in your text : the textbook, the Bible, dictionaries, newspaper articles, or encyclopedias. You may not use blogs or Wikipedia as sources or cite them in your paper. Sources should be cited in text (you may use MLA or APA format). Sources must also be listed on a properly formatted Works Cited page at the end of your paper. Grammar 1. Sentence structure should be complete and without spelling errors. 2. The paper should contain few (if any) mechanical errors. 3. The paper should be written in third person voice. 4. Avoid slang or other informal language.

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