Growth of Food Tourism in Hudson Valley of New York .

Growth of Food Tourism in Hudson Valley of New York .Project instructions:Critically Discuss (check for the help you need) the growth of food tourism in the Hudson Valley Region of New York*3000 words*****Make sure to focus the essay around critically Discuss (check for the help you need)ing the following three ideas??.Role of supplier, producer and entrepreneurs in the growth of gastronomic tourism in The Hudson ValleyEvidence of emerging trends such as slow food and sustainable tourism in the Hudson ValleyDiscuss (check for the help you need) the social, cultural and environmental impacts of gastronomic tourism on Hudson Valley and Discuss (check for the help you need) in terms of both people and location.****In addition mention the contributions of The Culinary Institute of America as a specific paragraph or two in content.****Also include winery, small farmers and the efforts of farm to table concepts in various references.***I am looking for rich content and critical argument leaning toward the great favor or a flourishing gastronomic scene in the Hudson Valley.These are a few of the resources from which to frame the essay. Please include them and content specific resources as well.15 TotalLong. L.? Culinary Tourism. Lexington Kentucky:? The University Press of Kentucky.? 2004Wolf, Erik. Culinary Tourism:? The Hidden Harvest. Kendall/Hunt Publishing 2006 edition.Wolf, E. (2002) Gastronomic Tourism: a tasty economic proposition, International Culinary Tourism Association, pp1-37Hall, CM? & G?ssling, S (eds) 2013, Sustainable Culinary Systems: Local Foods, Innovation, Tourism and Hospitality,Routledge, Oxon and New York.Novelli, M (ed.) 2005, Niche Tourism: Contemporary Issues, Trends and Cases, Elsevier, Amsterdam.Torres, RM & Momsen, JH (eds) 2011, Tourism and?Agriculture: New Geographies of Consumption, Production and Rural Restructuring, Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon and NewYork.Culinary Tourism Supply Chains: A Preliminary Examination ? Smith, H. Xiao 2008-02-01 will also send the grading rubrics for you to view. Please email me with any questions.

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