Glaciation and Seattle Landscapes

FormatEach group will start by reading a paper or papers about an issue involving glaciers and changing environments, and write a collaborative report of about 3000-4000 words equivalent (6-8 pages) about the issues involved. This is the way most scientific papers are written.The paper should be written in the style of a peer-reviewed scientific article. Please include:? Title, should give readers a good idea of your topic? Authors? Abstract, outlining your topic and your main message? Text? Figures, with captions? References Cited, so that readers can trace ideas in your paper back to their sources.I want the papper made up with 3 main points:1. history of glaciation in seattle(puget lowland area)2. landforms(such as drumlin, sediment layers and glacial lake) that can be the evidence of glaciation of this area.3. Geological impact of landforms(mainly about landslides in Seattle area).Please do not write very professional, since it is a freshman level paper!and use MLA formate citation reference.and we need abstract.

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