Finance and Economics

Finance and EconomicsBusiness Statistics1. Locate a business periodical or a business paper such as Fortune, Forbs, the Wall Street Journal,etc. or a newspaper such as the Gulf Times. Find two examples of the use of a graph to display data.For each graph,a. Give the name, date, and page number of the periodical in which the graph appeared(the date should NOT be earlier than September, 2015).b. Describe the main points made by the graph.c. Analyze the effectiveness of the graph2. Collect data on any macroeconomic variable (GDP, inflation, unemployment, etc.) for Qatar (atleast for 10 years) and present a descriptive statistics. Also, use an appropriate graph to present yourdata. What are your major observations?3. Refer to page 281 of your text book. At the top of this page there is a box on ?Applications inOperations Management.? Answer the two questions (8.67 and 8.68) which follow the narrative.

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