Essay, Visual Arts and Film Studies

Essay, Visual Arts and Film Studiesart appreciationAlbrecht Altdorfer was a German artist who worked during the sixteenth-century Renaissance. Gerhard Richter is a contemporary German artist who isalive and well. Obviously, these artist share a common home country and ancestry. Yet, as reflections of culture and history, their paintings (DanubeLandscape and Abstract Painting) have few things in common.However, we could argue that both Altdorfer and Richter, despite the history that separates them, share an affinity for painting. In fact, we couldargue that Richter?s Abstract Painting illustrates the evolution of painting that took place between the Renaissance (Altdorfer?s time) and thetwentieth-century.You will write a discussion board thread (at least 300-words long) that analyzes Richter?s Abstract Painting by comparing and contrasting it toAltdorfer?s Danube Landscape.That said, you will not be given any further instruction other than to consider the following key points before writing your thread:Altdorfer was a master landscape painter who created landscape paintings that were life-like depictions of the natural world. Such naturalistic,realistic images were the most commonly produced paintings of the sixteenth-century Renaissance. Such images were seen as the standard of ?good?paintings.Richter?s Abstract Painting does not represent an easily recognizable subject. It is not a realistic and natural depiction of a landscape. Yet, lookclosely. Does Abstract Painting mimic the type of composition common to landscapes like Altdorfer?s Danube Landscape?What do you think Richter?s Abstract Painting says about the art form of painting during the twentieth centurywell after the traditions ofRenaissance painting were established and used for centuries.!

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