Essay on Dementia

Essay on DementiaOrder DescriptionAssignment 1?Essay using the literatureLength: 1000 wordsStudents are to write an essay through reviewing the research articles related to an areaof dementia care that the student is interested in learning more about, e.g.? Dementia and delirium? Dementia and behaviours? Dementia and therapies? Dementia and aggression? Dementia and nutrition? Dementia and depressionThese are only examples of the possible areas to study.Students are to analyse the literature as it relates to dementia and the subject area,along with the application to your practice as a health professional.The assignment will need to utilise the research literature in the area to formulate anessay.This assignment is required to demonstrate an understanding of evidence based practicein one aspect of dementia and the links to professional practice. The incorporation ofother relevant materials and literature will extend the student?s learning and add depth tothe assignment.

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