EconomicsYou areto writeasummaryof oneof thefollowingthreearticles:Burton, P. &Phipps, S. &Zhang,L.(2014). The Prince and the Pauper: Movement ofChildren up and down theCanadianIncome Distribution.Canadian Public Policy 40(2), 111-125.Chandler, V.(2014).TheEffectiveness and Distributional Effects of theTaxCreditforPublicTransit. Canadian Public Policy 40(3), 259-269.Sealey, A.&Andersen,R.(2015).IncomeInequalityand PopularSupportforRedistributivePolicies in Canada, 1993?2008. Canadian Public Policy41(1), 51-64.Yoursummaryshould beapproximately750 words, doublespaced, in size12 times new roman font.Ifyou find ithelpful inyour summary you mayreproducetables or figures from thearticle, but makesureyou citethem properlyifyou do so.Yoursummaryshould include:An explanation ofthe question the article addresses and whyitmattersAn explanation ofthe methodologyand datausedin thearticleAn explanation ofthe author?s main conclusionsYourown critiqueof thesignificanceof the articleand how readableand usefulitisPlace this order with us and get 18% discount now! to earn your discount enter this code: special18 If you need assistance chat with us now by clicking the live chat button.:

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