Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need) the paradox of balancing the need for change management and the need for continuity.

While change is being heralded as necessary for organisational survival, at the same time organisations seek to ?sustain their competitive advantage by reducinguncertainty and securing continuity? (Huy, 2002:31). Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need) the paradox of balancing the need for change and the need for continuity.-Starting reference list:Saboohi N and Sushil (2011) Revisiting organizational change: exploring the paradox of managing continuity and change. Journal of Change Management 11(2): 185-206Huy QN (2002) Emotional balancing of organizational continuity and radical change: the contribution of middle managers. Administrative Science Quarterly 47 (1): 31:69-Stretch reading:Chreim S (2005) The continuity-change duality in narrative texts of organizational identity. Journal of Management Studies 42(3): 567-593-must reference a minimum of 8 academic, peer-reviewed articles in addition to the two starting references given above.-2.5 cm margins on top, bottom and on each side, Times New Roman font size 12. Do not use colour printing, formatting templates, plastic, fancy or bound coverswhen submitting your essay. Do not include an executive summary, abstract, footnotes or endnotes.-Please make sure you undertake all the following steps:a. Introduction: introduce your topic, present your argument and the structure of the essay (200-250 words)b. Main body: explore the need to concurrently balance the requirements for organisational change and continuity. In your argument consider the followingi. Reasons for change and reasons for continuity. Are there situations where one is required more than the other? Here, consider topics such as the organisationalenvironment, institutional isomorphism.ii. What are the benefits/ disadvantages for each construct? Here, consider topics such as organisational identity, organisational adaptation, inertia, resistanceiii. How can leaders in an organisation manage this tension? (1,500 words)c. Make sure you sum up in a one paragraph conclusion (200-250 words). s

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