Critiquing Historical Analysis of Classmate ? Subject- Atomic Bomb

Critiquing Historical Analysis of Classmate ? Subject- Atomic BombProject description1. Critiquing the Analysis:? For your peer review, you will review the Historical Analyses of classmates posted within Module 2 and choose one that you will critique.? Once you have chosen an analysis to critique, summarize your analysis of the review in a four-page (at least 1000 words, not including bibliography or title pages) double-spaced essay. In youressay, discuss how accurately and thoroughly the reviewer evaluated how different researchers have approached the European/Non-Western History topic chosen. Also, draw some of your ownconclusions about the topic and how well the reviewer tied the different articles together and showed how they will contribute to his/her own ideas on the topic. A good critique will identifyboth strengths and weaknesses of the review.? Include in your paper the following required elements:o Title pageo Essay texto In-text citations (as necessary)o Reference/bibliography page? Use Chicago Style format (APA format is an acceptable alternative).Paper that needs to be critiqued will be attached for review/analysis!

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