Counselling Dialogue Pregnant Teenager

Joan is seventeen (17) years old and pregnant. Following her first counselling session with you, she decides to speak to her boyfriend and her mum about her pregnancy. Her mum is angry and wants her to abort the baby, her boyfriend wants her to move in with him and start a family together. He is only 18, studying at Uni and still living at home.At her next counselling interview, Joan gets angry with you as she is feeling more pressure now because she has talked to them on your advice.Write out a script of what you would say to Joan in the counselling interview. Present this as you would say it in a counselling session (i.e. full sentences or ?dialogue?) using the framework set out below 1(a) ? 1(h) and put dialogue under each question please.You should also include likely comments or objections from Joan and your responses to any of her comments ensuring a client-centred approach is used.(Note script is from a counsellor, not a psychologist or psychiatrist)1(a). Check to see what Joan has felt about the counselling to this point.1(b). Help her to get past her anger towards you and to continue sharing.1(c). Share your ideas about ongoing sessions and how they can benefit Joan1(d). Show that you don?t want to push her around, but that at all times it is her decisions and her comfort that are important.1(e). Work out if it is the right thing to end the current counselling with her or not.1(f). Slow the pace of counselling to one that Joan can tolerate and take in.1(g). Ask Joan about her hopes and expectations and explain what you can do for her with the resources available to you.1(h). Acknowledge, value and work with her uncertainty in the counselling relationship whilst working with Joan to establish a plan/goals.

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