“computer history”

?computer history?Paper instructions:Enclosed are the instructions for the assignment:Part 1: For the document titled ?computer history? in this section review the items listed after 1980. Select 5 events that you believe are the most important in the computing history presented, and write 1 paragraph each on why you believe this is so. You will be graded on your reasoning, not on paraphrasing what the document says. If you just repeat what you are reading, you will get very low scores on this section.Part 2: Based on the material presented inn the Concepts Unit A section of the main textbook, choose one technology talked about in the section. Research it, and present a 4-paragraph (minimum) review of what it is, what it does, and why it is interesting or useful. Once more, if you just paraphrase what is on the book or what you find somewhere else, you will not do well in the assignment. The assignment requires research, not just saying what you believe or comes to your mind when you sit down to work on this. Also, realize that ?googling? is not the same as ?research?. Choose your sources and material wisely; not everything you see on the Internet is credible or worth it. I will be looking at your sources and their credibility, as well as your ability to present research. You are expected to provide a list of your sources in appropriate APA format. If you don?t know what that is, please visit your friendly librarian for help and guidance.Your work must be typed or word processed. Please submit it here in Blackboard through the button below.Email me with any questions.. Library Support For Task 1 .This is a link to the support website that was dicussed in class. It containes a wealth of material for this assignment. Please review it and you will find great resources for your paper!. Reading ? Computer History

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