Compare between Mexican border and Canada border

Compare between Mexican border and Canada border1) Taking an ARGUMENTATIVE approach 2) BE SURE TO USE CLEAR and SPECIFIC EXAMPLESInternational BordersCompare between Mexican border and Canada border-The intensity of the Mexican border ex. Militarization vs. Canadian border -Both North and South border have similar immigration and drug trafficking issues -Mexico as a whole has been placed under the lower caste system, which affects the treatment of individuals. *The south border faces more challenges and discriminationsPERSPECTIVES ON THE U.S.-MEXICO BORDER RESEARCH PAPER PROMPTYou are to research and write a 2,300-2,500-word paper. This length excludes citations. Please use MLA format.Paper Guidelines: You must have at least five sources. Of those, generally no more can than two may be magazine or newspaper stories. If your topic requires greater use of contemporary sources,please let us know. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source, though you may consult it for general background.The most important criteria are choice of topic, quality of research and skill in writing. Topics that have not been heavily researched will help ensure a good grade. If, however, you select a familiar topic, be sure you have something new to report. Similarly diligent and searching investigation is vital. Finally, clear and concise writing is quite important. A poorly written report always detracts from solid research. Of course, your focus should be appropriate for a paper of this length.Because the suggested themes are purposely broad, your first task is to frame your topic. Next, decide what you want to say. Taking an argumentative approach is almost always more productive than writing an expository paper. Some examples might be: It is time to do away with the Border Patrol, or The North American Free Trade Agreement has greatly aided the border?s economic development.Please do not hesitate to use us as a resource in every phase of your research and writing.:

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