Channels of Distribution, Promotion Plan, IMC Budget

Channels of Distribution, Promotion Plan, IMC BudgetOrder DescriptionMarketing Plan Channels of distribution IMC Promotion Plan, IMC BudgetFinancial AnalysisAs a marketer, you will need to justify your marketing activities no matter what. You achieve this by having a solid understanding of the financial impact of yourmarketing initiative and then presenting your financial analysis in a well-structured manner using industry acceptable framework.In the financial analysis section, the first thing to show is sales (Unit) and revenue ($) forecasts. This plan is for a start up company. For this reason you willnote that all financial documents are Pro Forma or projected, spreadsheet. Only after the company has been in business for one accounting period will it have a morereal financial statement.It is always a good idea to include a sensitivity analysis to show how these forecasts will be changed under various market conditions (good, normal, bad).In all, your financial analysis should consist of the following:1. Break-even analysis2. NPV (net present value analysis)3. Sensitivity analysis for goo, normal and bad business scenarioIV. Pricing StructureDetermine the price you will charge. For your service determine pricing( Local rent for Florida $850-1200.00)? Demonstrate that your price allows reasonable profit in accordance with your profitability strategy? Identify your total year one Gross Revenues and projected Gross Profitability. Determine this for a three-year window, based on reasonable projections.!

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