can democracy co exist in the middle east

can democracy co exist in the middle eastPaper instructions:The first paragraph must have background information and definition for the words democracy and middle east. Then you must give background information about both. Then you must write the research question which is Can democracy co exist in the middle east. Then the thesis is democracy cant co exist in the middle east due to many reasons.The body must include a topic sentence and then in text citation a summary or quote from a source then my interpretation. Each body paragraph must be in this format. also you must cite the sources that are summarized paraphrased and quoted.The sources that can be used must all be from J STOR. You can access j stor by visiting then entering the username: S00024869 password: Sk121489 then go to LIBRARY then on the page you will fine ONLINE DATABASES click on it you will then find a list of data bases click on j stor and search for sources that are relation to the research question. Do not go off topic when writing this research question stick to only answering the reason that it cant exist stick to 3 or 4 reasons and write about the reasons in the body also follow the format that i specified for the body which is topic sentence about what the body will be about (reason 1 for why democracy cant co exist in the middle east) then summary quote or paraphrase from a source then extrapolate and include your interpretation and explain more.The sources used cant be more than 5 years old! also you must have atleast 5 sources and atleast one book from these sources!! You can find books articles editorials etc on j stor. everything must be cited use in text citation and make sure theres a bibliography!! MLA format!

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