Caf? D. Pownd Case

Caf? D. Pownd CaseOrder DescriptionCase Guidelines1. Restate the case in your own wordsa. In 1-2 paragraphs high light the key points (This helps to ensure that you are getting the important points)2. Problem statementa. In 1-2 sentences, state what the problem is and what the solution should focus on.3. Analysis (Quantitative)a. You can include Excel output for calculationsi. Make them easy to read with adequate documentationii. You do not need to include calculations in the body of the paper; place them in an Excel appendix.4. Analysis (Qualitative)a. Provide a recommended solution to the situation.i. Give both pros and cons to the solutionii. State implementation issue(s)Every case must have some form of conclusion. Merely answering the questions and not deciding what your recommended course of action is not a complete case. Many times there is no one right answer, so the defense of your answer will determine the suitability of the conclusion, i.e., defend your answer.

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