Business enviroment 4

Order Description4.1 export and import eg coffee or starbucks or vegtables or fruitsplease use figures to showpick an export thats really heavy in exporting it has to be a british comany eg scotish whiskey or mini in oxfordboth with figuress please4.2 steeple- read the chairman or cheif speach on what happened within this year the company from 1.3s-islamic fundement- fracking,electric carse-china slowdowne-corruptionp-middle east warsl-law changeenviromental-oil spills4.3these are the notes i have from class that your supose to use YOU MUST AS SAID ON THE ATTACHMENT1957-treaty of rome-trade-internal barriers -external trade1991-maastircht -internal market- 3 freedom of movment which are (goods,service) ( (people.labour)1998 euro the money2007- treaty of lisbon

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