Business Economics

Business EconomicsOrder DescriptionReport: (Market analysis)You must choose to research one of the markets below:1. The market for housing (including the private, public and rental sectors)2. The market for cars (new and used)3. The market for energy (including oil, gas and electricity)4. The market for travel (airlines, hospitality or travel agents)5. The market for telecommunication (TV, radio, phone, Internet or network providers).The report must be based on the application of economic theory to one of the ?real life? markets below, using the questions which follow as the basis for research. The report must contain:? A description of the market under investigation.? An explanation of the demand and supply conditions currently facing that market.? An analysis of changes in the conditions of demand, supply and prices over the last five years and the relationship between demand, supply and prices.? An evaluation of the effects of changes in the external economic environment on producers and consumers within the market.The reading books for this module are:The main textbook for this module is:Begg, D. and Ward, D. (2013) Economics for Business, 4th Ed., McGraw HillAdditional resources:Sloman, J., Hinde, K. & Garratt, D. (2010) Economics for Business, 5th Ed., Financial Times Prentice Hall,Sloman, J. Wride, A. (2009) Economics, 7th Ed., Financial Times Prentice Hall,Baumol, W. and Blinder, A. S. (2009) Economics: Principles and Policy, 11th Ed., Cengage Learning,Griffiths, A. & Wall, S. (2007) Applied Economics, 11th Ed., Financial Times Prentice Hall,Beardshaw, J. (2001) Students? Guide to Economics, 5th Ed., Financial Times Prentice Hall,Journals:Economic ReviewEconomic QuarterlyThe EconomistEconomics TodayJournal of the EBEAWebsites:www.FT.comThe Financial Economics Economics, Business and Enterprise Association

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