Bioinstrumentation;This assignment can be done in groups of up tothree. One assignment should beturned inper group.Choose onepiece ofbioinstrumentationthat you saw during the nursing simulation labtour (e.g.simulation mannequin, pulse oximeter, ventilator, etc.).There are three goals for thisassignment: (1) describehow thedeviceworks;(2) describe how the device can be improved;(3)design a new user interface for the device.In a short write?up (1?2 paragraphs per section),include the following:I.Description of thedevice.(15pts)?Answer the following:?Whatis the deviceused for??Who uses it??How does it work?II.Description of one improvement that can be made to the device.(e.g. optimize itsfunctionality in the clinical setting orits applicability in simulation,improve theergonomics of the device, improve flaws in its design, etc.). (10pts)?Answer the following:?Why is the improvement needed??How would you implement this improvement?III.Design anewuserinterfaceforthedevice.Think about what information needs to bedisplayed (outputs) and what types of interactionsare requiredwith the user. (15pts)?Design and create a GUI in MATLAB that could serve as auser interface for thedevice. The GUI does not need to be functional, but it should display all thenecessarycomponentsfor operation.?Include ascreenshotof the GUI?Describe all thecomponentsof the GUI and the purpose of eachcomponentIncludein?text citations and referencesforall sources used.You may include additional figures,but they must include a descriptive caption.The assignment will be graded oncompleteness andthoroughness.

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