Battle of Pickett?s Mill

Battle of Pickett?s MillDefine the Battle: Please write two pages about the battle. Like summary.(1) Where did it take place?(2) Who were principle adversaries?(3) When did the battle occur?For the following, please write about a page for the books/articles you found about the battle (battle of Pickett?s Mill). If anything is relevant and important (you think), please talk about the content or bias which stated below:Books and articles will make up the majority of your sources, but other media ? such as video, audio, and electronic ones ? can also contribute to the study.(1) Books: Look for a variety of sources to get a balanced account of the battle. Memoirs, biographies, operational histories, and institutional histories should all be consulted for information on your subject. Do not overlook general histories, which can help provide the strategic setting.(2) Articles: Articles from professional military publications and historical journals can be excellent sources of information.Finding good sources to support your study is not easy, despite the large volume of published material. As you gather the research material, evaluate each in terms of its content and bias.(1) Content: Determine what information the source can give you. Is it relevant to your subject?(2) Bias: Decide to what extent the author is subjective or objective in his/her work. Is there a clear bias? If so, what us it? Does the bias make a difference in your use of the work?!

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