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Write a analysis of approximately 200 words (about one page) of the essay you read in the Bedford Reader this week. (Most likely that will be ?Sweet, Sour, andResentful,? by Dumas)Your summary shoulddiscuss the original audience for the essay, as described in the introduction to each essay in the textbook;provide examples of how the writer appeals to that audience;contain at least one direct quote from the essay, citted MLA style;contain a paraphrase of at least one sentence, citted MLA style; andbe in standard MLA format.2-Problem-Solving Activity 2: ParagraphsThe purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to find and use information and resources themselves.Define/Explain: What constitutes an appropriate, effective paragraph?Design: What resources are available to help you figure out what you need to know about writing good paragraphs? How will you use these resources? (Do not use yourENGL 1010 teacher as your first/primary resource.)Do: Write one good paragraph on a topic of your choice, perhaps for the essay which is due at the end of this unit. At the top of the page, preceding yourparagraph, include the following information:The purpose of the paragraph (introductory, body, conclusion)The audience for the paragraphThe specific elements that your paragraph contains that make it a good paragraph, given its purposeThe specific resources (including page numbers where relevant) that provided you with the information about a good paragraphEvaluate: Post your paragraph plus information in Discussion and review what your classmates have posted. Comment on one other paragraph in terms of strengths andweaknesses.!

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