Assessment 2 ?Reflective Essay (30%)

Assessment 2 ?Reflective Essay (30%)Paper instructions:1500 words maxim excluding the in-text references and reference list.Essay Structure : (Introduction/Body/Conclusion)Must include in-text references and reference list ,At least 6 References .Preferred font for assignments is Arial, 11 point, or Times New Roman 12point.You need to cover 5 different topics in your essay:Week 2A: What are the 5 basic strategies of segmentation and give example for each strategy?Week 5A: Discuss whether you come from a high or a low context communication culture. Personally, do you think your own communication is mostly high or low context? Thinking of your own communication patterns, do you agree with Hall?s theory of high and low context communication?Week 9A: Does anyone have Consumer Animosity (CAn) towards products made in yourcountry? Who and why? If so, how should marketers deal with CAn? (Twopresentations)Week 6B: What is the main argument in de Mooij?s (2002) article? Give your own examples ofconverging and diverging of consumer behavior.Week 8B: Is Consumer disidentification (CD) good or bad news for marketers? Show your ownexamples of CD in different markets.Internal Information provided:Internal Information provided:Dimensions of culture: relationships with nature, high and low context, dimensions of time, Hofstede?s framework Readings Week 4 Pdf .Convergence and divergence in consumer behavior: Read demooij_2002_journal_retailing1 PDF which includes the article For topic Week6B. Also read Week 5 power point for information about this topic.Foreign consumer predispositions: Consumer Animosity Week 8 Pdf + some articles regarding this topic.Segmentation: Keegan & Green: Chapter 7 pdf.Consumer Disidentification : Week 7 Pdf , Also some articles regarding this topic.In addition you have to do a research and include both internal/external information and also mention your opinions to 5 of these topics/Topic questions.!

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