Analyze the three of the artic

Analyze the three of the articles selected from the class reader, Conformity and Conflict, Custom Ed., by Spradley andMcCurdy):? Shakespeare in the Bush by Laura Bohannan (Article 3)? Mothers Love: Death Without Weeping, by Scheper-Hughes (Article 15)? Family and Kinship in village india by David McCurdy (Article 16)1. Define the basic facts of the article- the ?who, what, where, when, and why? of the article. When you discuss ?why?,you should be consider the research purpose of the article ? in other words, why the research is taking place and whatthe researcher hopes to learn. (up to three paragraphs).2. Discuss and critique the fieldwork itself, as carried out by the anthropologist. Consider whether the anthropologist:? makes a good use of informants, deals with gatekeepers, appropriately, practices participant observation effectivelyand generally does sensible things in relation to his or her study of culture,? shows any signs of ethnocentrism, naive realism, being culture bound, or being in culture shock.-You can include quotes, and reference the source of each statement by page and paragraph number.3. Use specific details in the article, either general descriptive details regarding the culture or interpretivecomments by the anthropologist to discuss how each of the article manifests evidence of at least 3 of the followingtheoretical perspectives:? Interpretivism? Structuralism/Stucturism? Cultural Materialism? Individual Agency? Biological Determinism (or Sociobiology)? Cultural Contructionism? FeminismFor Part 3, you should discuss:-Include a comprehensive thesis statement in its first paragraph.? in total, be at least one third of the full length of each essay.? include a convincing argument for each of the three perspectives you choose, based on details from the article.? include at least one quote(short or long) from each article for each perspective you choose.

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